Victim support in Örebro County is here to help anyone affected by crime.

We are a non-profit, non-religious, and a politically independent organisation, giving free and confidential help to victims of crime. That includes witnesses, their family and friends. If you live in Örebro County you are welcome to contact us for support. 

Victim Support
If you are a victim of any crime we can help you to cope with the experience. In most cases we give you support over the phone.
Our trained support volunteers (stödpersoner) offer:

  • someone to talk to in confidence
  • information on police and court procedures
  • help in dealing with other organisations
  • information about compensation and insurance

Witness Support at Örebro District Court

If you have witnessed a crime we can help you before and after the trial by giving you support and information. Your family and friends who are attending court can get help too.
Our trained witness support volunteers (vittnesstöd) can give you:

  • someone to talk to confidentially about how you are feeling before a trail
  • information about what to expect in court, including a chance to see the court beforehand and learn about court procedures
  • a quiet place to wait before you are called to give evidence
  • someone to go with you into the courtroom if you want

All support given to you is done by trained volunteers. We do not keep records about you. Our volunteers (stödpersoner) will just make notes for recollection which will be erased when you end your contact with us.
For support in other languages, please go to– ”Hjälp på olika språk”.

Phone        010-489 10 30